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Our Chairman

India and all the other nations are putting in their best efforts to cut down on their carbon emissions and the transportation sector is a major goal-setter for this.

The recently introduced PLI scheme for the Auto sector and the Scrappage policy is a major push towards electrification. We need to ensure that we deliver robust products that suit the diverse and extreme requirements of the Indian conditions.

We have successfully developed many products in-house as well as partnered with global companies to ensure a faster time to market and I would gladly say that we have a first-mover advantage in providing all solutions under one roof. Speed is of the essence to ensure that all our efforts bear fruits.

Be it Power Electronics, Light Weighting technologies, Transmission, Electric 2Ws targeting B2C segment, and Electric powertrains for Commercial Vehicles, we are a one-stop solutions provider for all the electrification needs of our customers. But we do not stop here, we need to have an innovation mindset whereby we keep on becoming better through passionate engineering.

Let us all stay motivated and true to the cause for which we all started on this journey towards making our planet and India greener and cleaner.

Mr. Baba N. Kalyani
Chairman & MD, Bharat Forge Ltd. (Parent Company of Kalyani Powertrain Ltd.)

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Deputy Managing Director

Dear Patrons,

Kalyani Powertrain Ltd. is an integral addition to our Bharat Forge family. It carries the DNA of innovation within each of its offerings.

Our vision is to create future-forward mobility solutions focused on the needs of both domestic and international customers. The key will be to combine sustainability with economic viability through innovative technology to drive mobility transformation.

We have been extensively researching and working to establish a strong fundamental base to learn and develop new concepts and expertise in e-mobility technologies to unleash a dazzling array of innovations. Our current portfolio includes a bouquet of solutions for the entire mobility ecosystem comprising of 2W, 3W, 4W, Bus and Truck electrification.

These range from providing selected sub-systems to complete electric powertrain kits, keeping technology, durability, and performance as the differentiator and key evaluation criteria.

We are here, to be a part of the carbon-free transportation revolution and are committed to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future.

Join us in our journey to innovate and create the mobility solutions for a greener tomorrow.

Mr. Amit Kalyani
Deputy Managing Director, Bharat Forge Limited

Our Business Segments

Power Electronics

Our solid-state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power for your Electric Vehicles are fitted with the best-in-class switching devices such as diodes, thyristors, and power transistors.

Kalyani Powertrain's Ltd. offering under this segment provide the following benefits:

High Power




Modular designs of sub-systems are provided at Kalyani Powertrain Ltd. based on the requisite technical specifications. These include combinations of Motor, Motor Controller, Gear box and Traction Motor.

Vehicle Integration

Kalyani Powertrain Ltd. provides a one stop solution for the development of a complete Electric Vehicle powertrain based on the modular configurations of customers, involving different combinations of sub-systems with varying adaptabilities of charging systems which adhere to all protocols, as well as motors, converters and inverters of widely differing power capacities.


When it comes to making the switch to clean freight you need the best solution, without compromise. A Kalyani Powertrain Ltd. Re-powered Electric Truck delivers on its commercial, environmental and operational promise. It offers the following advantages:

Delivering on Environmental Promise

Getting the Job done Everyday and Reliably

Delivering Operational Cost Benefits

Guaranteeing Certainty


At Nano lab of Kalyani Powertrain Ltd., we are targeting the in-house fabrication of H2 fuel cell using Proton Exchange Membrane technology and H2 cylinder storage.

Also, we have developed the Al and Mg based Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) at lab scale and up-scaled the Al-based MMC to production level where we have achieved significant improvements in mechanical strength of up to 56% and thermal conductivity achieved has been >210 W/m-K, which finds suitable usage in the development of high power density battery packs.

Integrated Design and
Manufacturing Services (IDM)

At Kalyani Powertrain Ltd., we provide solutions from Ideation to Production, which include Single Speed EV Gearboxes and 2-Speed EV Gearboxes, providing an Efficiency of >95% and Max. Torque ranging between 45Nm to 270 Nm.

The horizon of solutions that we provide include CAE/FEA Analysis, Design & Development, Rapid Prototype Manufacturing, Production Support and Testing & Validation.

Center for Light Weighting Technologies (CLWT)

Center for Light Weighting Technologies (CLWT) houses state-of-the-art Al & Mg High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) manufacturing facility offering light weighting solutions for the automotive industry.

Among the wide portfolio of HPDC machines at our CLWT plant, the largest machine, 4,200 T can produce typical structural parts like A-pillar, B-pillar, undercarriage, large battery housings and motor housings.

Our Technology Partners