Nano-enriched Lead Acid Battery

Our nano-enriched lead acid battery offers solutions for all critical applications across mobile and stationary segments. The 'nano additive' helps increase the surface area, which enhances the performance by the process of Charge & Discharge and increases High Rate Partial State-of-Charge (HRPSOC) by >80%

Our patented lead acid battery nano-particles enriched technology provides improved performance, longer life and reduced water loss per cycle.

Value Proposition

Reserve Capacity Performance 10-12% 
Cold Cranking Duration At -180C 8-10% 
Cold Cranking 30 Second Voltage At -180C 5-10% 
High Rate Partial State Of Charge Life Test 80-82% 
Water Loss Per Cycle 20-22% 


Automotive [Traction & Auxiliary Applications]
Utility Vehicles
Stationary Applications