DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converter changes dc power from an on-board 200-800v high voltage battery into lower dc voltages (48v /24v/ 12v) to power headlights, interior lights, wiper and window motors, fans, pumps and many other systems within electric vehicles (ev) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).


Automotive Safety Integration Level – ASIL B

Efficiency > 92%

Optimum Power Density

Can 2.0 for Communication and Diagnostics

Aluminum Enclosure



Nominal Output Voltage

27.8 V

Constant Power

4 kW

Peak Power Output

4.5 kW

Minimum Input DC link Voltage

650V DC

Maximum Input DC link Voltage

800V DC


< 10 kg


Motor Controller

Traction motor controllers are designed to convert DC current from the Traction battery into 3-phase alternating current and control the Performance of traction motor based on requirement to meet desired speed, torque, power, regeneration & safe driving of the vehicle.


Electrical protection of the motor and subsequently the mechanics

Dynamic Response to Changing System Demands

Monitoring to Evaluate Machine Performance / Diagnostics

Accurate Speed Control



Hardware Features

Software Features

HardwarePeak Power up-to 9 kW

SoftwareField Oriented Control (FOC) Algorithm

HardwareEfficiency > 97%

SoftwareDrive modes – Eco & Sport

HardwareUse of MOSFETs for efficient switching action

SoftwareProtection against Under voltage, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Temperature

Hardware48V DC

SoftwareUDS (ISO-14229) for Diagnostics

Control Unit

The vehicle control unit (VCU) is the core system and runs software that controls the vehicle’s functions. It interfaces to all the sub-systems required to charge the vehicle, store energy, create energy, drive the powertrain and manage the flow of energy, and integrate with vehicle operational systems. Its function is to monitor and control the vehicle during charging, wake up, operation and shut down of the vehicle


Ignition Switch

Accelerator Pedal

Brake Pedal

Directional Control (DNRP)

Brake Compressor Control

Control Battery

Body Control System/ Lamp and Wiper

EPAS Control

PDU Control

Hand Brake

Brake Lights

VCU Context – Communication with other subsystems in the Vehicle


OBC / Charger

TM Controller


Diagnostic Port

ABS System

ESC System

Switches as digital inputs such as Regnen OFF, Crash Switch, CAB Tilt,

Door Lock etc


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