650V-740V HV System

Commercial Goods
Carrier (ILCV)

TCO Beneficial for HUB & Spoke model

Modular Powertrain & Battery Sizing

Suitable for E-commerce, FMCG, Retail industry logistics

48V LV System

Light Commercial
(New & Retrofit)

Better Economics of scale

Completely localized Solutions eligible for FAME

E-powertrain –
Conversion from ICE


An electric powertrain kit which can be fitted onto a conventional ICE vehicle and convert it into fully electric powered vehicle


The Kit is designed based on the duty cycle requirement and packaged based on platform study. Sub-system configuration makes easy and fast installation


New Kalyani Powertrain plant in Chakan, Pune and partner dealer / fleet owner workshops


Growing demand for efficient, economical and emission free mobility for goods and passenger transport